Stay Awhile

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Stay Awhile

It all started with Britt, Tate, and Paul’s love of craft beer along with establishing and developing deep roots in the historically rich area of Norcross, Georgia. This dream cultivated from Britt and Paul’s landscaping business of many years. From this transition, they wanted the brewery to be a nod to growing and cultivating something from the ground up. They have planted the seed of their passions into a place for new memories and connections to be made all while enjoying unique, quality-craft recipes. Cultivation is a word that honors the process and the details of developing this establishment we call home. It is about how we aim to create and nurture relationships with each person that steps through the door, to cultivating our finest craft—beer.

Always fresh, always local, always innovative.

Luke Lander Music & Jack’s Poppin’ Pho

Nashville recording artist performing the best of traditional, old-school Country music intertwined with hits of today. Grab a seat early!

Jack’s Poppin’ Pho will be here 12-9PM! Authentic Lao food. Enjoy some tasty, mouthwatering & comforting style bowls of pho.

Young Norcross & PDC Gatherin

New to the neighborhood? Looking to get to know your neighbors more? Come join us, stay a little while and be a part of this great event with Young Norcross(all who are young at heart of course) & PDC! This gathering is open to the public! 6-8PM

We encourage bringing the whole family for we are kid friendly!

Hosting new food truck for us, Viva Pita 4-9PM

Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Great

Check out our Goods section by clicking the image below!

Drink in style with us.

From collaborating with local businesses & breweries like Union Brothers Meat Market, Lowcomotion Truck, the Local Peach to amazing microbreweries/brewers like Keowee Brewing, Anderby Brewing, Indio Brewing, Jay Brantley & Scott Cole have been such enriching experiences. Did you know? We proudly partner with local Norcross pollinator habitat. We have loved growing with the surrounding area as well as the craft brewery community — continuing to cultivate roots in this rich area of Norcross, Georgia.

Find Us

650 Langford Dr.
Norcross, GA 30071

Tuesday: 4 - 9PM

Wednesday: 4 - 9PM

Thursday: 4 - 9PM

Friday: 3 - 10PM

Saturday: 12 - 10PM

Sunday: 1 - 8PM

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